Batch Names


Just in case you are wondering what the name on the neck the label means!

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We decided to name our batches with a Kintyre theme, rather than simply number them, and began with place names significant to Kintyre. We follow the Gaelic alphabet which is slightly more forgiving as it misses out some of the tricky letters!  Argyll was our very first batch and that series was accompanied by engaging images from around Kintyre. The moniker Argyll had an extra special significance to our local community as Argyll MacMillan is a local Carradale legend who was more than happy to be our first poster boy! A compilation of all these images can be seen on YouTube.

We used Kintyre slang words and local dialect for the second series of batches and recruited local volunteers to be filmed saying particular words. See our YouTube channel for the short clips.

It is a great way to showcase everything that is wonderful about Kintyre. We are privileged to live and work in this amazing part of Scotland and are proud to name our gin after it.

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A showcase of some of the wonderful local words and phrases

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We had great fun with our dialect batches and loved working with all the willing volunteers to create the films.

Special acknowledgement should also go to Angus Martin who has done extensive research on local dialects and whose books proved invaluable to us.

See our YouTube channel for  more of the short clips.

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