Sustainably distilled exactly where the label says

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The first bottle of Kintyre Gin rolled off the production line in June 2017 and has since become a firm favourite on craft gin shelves around the country.  Our gin still is powered by our own hydro-electricity and we try to keep our other emissions as low as possible – sustainability lies at the heart of our business.

We have added to our range and now boast six unique gins, including double gold award winning Tarbert Legbiter, Isle of Gigha Coastal and Kintyre Pink.


A deliciously smooth classic

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Our signature spirit, Kintyre Gin is a classic London Dry style of gin, distilled with 12 botanicals – juniper, cassia, coriander, lemon, orange, liquorice, almond, angelica root, orris root, cubeb berry, sheep sorrel, Icelandic moss.

For the perfect serve try Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic which brings out the natural sweetness of Kintyre Gin, garnished with a sprig of basil.

For those with less of a sweet palette, try a lighter tonic such as Merchant Heart or Fever Tree Light and add a slice of pink grapefruit.

Kintyre Gin is also really delicious sipped over ice.


Strong and spicy!

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Our double gold award-winning navy strength gin is as dangerously smooth as it is strong.  Pink peppercorns give the gin an intense heat which is complimented by floral notes from hibiscus flower.

The name ‘Legbiter’ comes from an infamous Kintyre legend.  The Legibiter was the sword of notorious viking, Magnus Barelegs who conquered Kintyre in 1093.  He sailed around the peninsula and completed the circuit by dragging his boat across the narrow isthmus at Tarbert.

Botanicals: Juniper, Coriander, Angelica, Almond, Liquorice, Cassia, Orris,  Pink Peppercorn, Hibiscus

Serve:  we like Fever Tree naturally light tonic garnished with lime and pink peppercorns

Cocktail:  unbeatable in a Negroni


Cranachan in a gin bottle!

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Kintyre Pink blends Scottish raspberries with oatmeal for a delicioulsy creamy, fruity gin. Raspberry juice is added post distillation to give Kintyre Pink the distinctive blush colour.

Serve: try Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic or a premium lemonade if you prefer something sweeter, garnish with fresh or frozen raspberries.  For extra decadence, top up with champagne or prosecco.

Cocktails: Amazing in an espresso Martini using raspberry syrup.


Island flavours bottled with love

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A unique collaboration with the Isle of Gigha Heritage Trust to create an extra special spirit with which to commemorate 20 years of the island’s community ownership.

Isle of Gigha Coastal was initially released as a limited batch but it’s unique coastal flavours with a hint of spice have made it a firm favourite.

Botanicals: Juniper, coriander, angelica, orris, orange, nettle, dandelion root, mountain pepper, gorse, sugar kelp

Serve: Delicious with Fever Tree naturally light tonic, garnished with olives or lime

Cocktails: This will make the best Dirty Martini you have ever tasted!


Zesty and refreshing!

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A deliciously zesty spirit, beautifully balanced with citrus notes from pink grapefruit, lemon and coriander.

Ceann Loch Citrus Gin is bottled under our heritage label, Hall’s of Campbeltown, a nod to the Torrisdale ancestors who unwittingly started all this!  Learn more about the family history on a gin tour!

Botanicals: Juniper, coriander, angelica, almond, liquorice, cassia, lemon, pink grapefruit

Serve: Delicious with Fever Tree naturally light tonic, garnished with lemon or pink grapefruit

Cocktails: Lovely in a gin sour!


A small still with a big personality!

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Our small copper pot still, was imported from Germany and has a fill capacity of only 230 litres of spirit, resulting in a truly hand crafted gin. The still is run on a three-phase electricity supply direct from our own hydro-electric  scheme. During periods of drought we have the ability to import electricity direct from the grid to maintain a steady flow of gin.

This fine looking still is named Big Don, a nod to Niall and Kenny’s father, Donald Macalister Hall,  who sadly passed away during the initial stages of the distillery’s development. A keen gin drinker, and luckily for us, someone with a great sense of humour, Donald’s spirit lives on!

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