Earra Gael Salt Vodka


Created in collaboration with Orsay Sea Salt, a true product of Argyll!

Earra Gael Salt Vodka uses the finest sea salt, harvested from the waters around the tiny isle of Orsay, just off Islay,  by Anna Hock. Anna’s processes are fully sustainable – the water is hand-harvested then sun-dried and the salt is untreated. The extraordinarly high mineral content from these remote waters give Orsay Sea Salt it’s unique flavours.

Orsay Sea Salt is the key component in our vodka, another awesome spirit created by our distillery team here in Kintyre.

Tasting notes: A deliciously salty spirit with a pleasing sweetness on the palate.

Suggested serve:  Earra Gael Salt Vodka is delicious on the rocks or in a bloody mary or a vodka martini. Pair it with our Gigha Coastal Gin for a true island experience in a glass!

40% Vol  70cl


Local pick up will be available at our distillery shop. Please allow at least 24 hours for your order to be ready for collection.

This product can only be shipped within the UK.

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